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Orthodontic treatment makes healthier mouth and provides an aesthetic smiling. You can correct the position of teeth and jaws positioned improperly.

Crooked teeth or that do not fit properly are difficult to be kept clean and can be lost early due to decay and periodontal disease. They also cause additional stress to the chewing muscles, which can lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome and pain in the neck, shoulders and back.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Kenya, so she can guide you (a) of the orthodontic treatment.


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Centro Médico Hospital Português
Clinica Otorhinus

Av. Princesa Isabel, 914, sl. 110 - 114
Barra Avenida - Salvador/BA

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Edifício Empresarial Centenário

Clínica OtorrinoVitta

Av. Centenário, 2411, sala 704
Chame-Chame - Salvador/BA

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Clínica Castellucci e Mathias
Rua Altino Serbeto Barros, 173
Sala 604

Itaigara - Salvador/BA

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Hospital da Bahia

Av. Prof. Magalhães Neto, 1541,
sala 8004 - Pituba - Salvador/BA

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